Pennsylvania 11-month-old shot 4 times while sitting in car, police say

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- An 11-month-old baby was in critical condition after he was shot four times while in a car in Pennsylvania, officials said. The infant was sitting in the car with his stepmother in Hunting Park, a neighborhood of Philadelphia, when around 7:15 p.m. Saturday he was struck by gunfire. PHILADELPHIA MOM […]

Paul Batura: Cop with 35 years on the streets offers five powerful lessons for life

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- It’s a sad reality that police officers don’t usually make the headlines until they’re accused of doing something wrong. If everything goes right, they’re either nameless or known only by the number on their badge. If something goes haywire, their name is everywhere – and all too often […]

Mulvaney insists no quid pro quo with Ukraine after WH comments: ‘I didn’t say that’

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney insists he did not admit to wrongdoing by President Trump after comments he made during a marathon press briefing Thursday were interpreted as evidence of a quid pro quo linking military aid to Ukraine with an investigation of potential Ukrainian […]

In 'The Less People Know About Us' A Mysterious Identity Theft Hits Close To Home

Digital Resource World News – Business – Urandir News- When Axton Betz was 12, her father stopped getting his issues of The Brayer. She and her parents lived on an Indiana farm, distant from almost everything; her mother’s passion was the home shopping network, and her father’s passion was raising donkeys. Those magazines were his […]

Nigel Farage says anger over Brexit deal is 'unlike anything I have ever seen before'

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- Former United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, who launched the Brexit campaign in the U.K., said Sunday that the anger among British voters regarding the latest developments with the Brexit deal is “unlike anything I have ever seen before.” Appearing on “Fox & Friends” from London on […]

Tara Ross: Dems' 'ranked-choice' voting bill dangerously undermines states' rights under Constitution

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- If Rep. Jamie Raskin, D.-Md., and a handful of Democratic congressmen get their way, states will be forced to change the manner in which they elect their congressmen. These Democrats hope to mandate the use of “ranked-choice” voting in congressional elections nationwide. Today, each state is in charge of itself. The Ranked Choice […]