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Michael Avenatti sees 2 conspiracy charges dropped in Nike case, 1 wire fraud charge added to indictment

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- A federal case charging California lawyer Michael Avenatti with conspiring to extort millions from Nike has been rewritten to drop two counts of conspiracy. Avenatti tweeted Wednesday that he was “extremely pleased” and expects to be “fully exonerated.” He told Fox News, “The government’s case is falling apart […]

Rep. Paul Gosar sends cryptic tweets that read 'Epstein didn't kill himself' during impeachment hearing

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- A Republican congressman drew some attention to his Twitter account after observers noticed that a series of tweets spelled out, “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., was quite active on social media reacting to the ongoing testimony of U.S. diplomat Bill Taylor and State Department official George […]

Juan Williams on Trump's phone call: 'This is not a business deal'

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- Juan Williams explained the problems he had with President Trump’s Ukraine phone call on Wednesday, reacting to the impeachment inquiry public hearings and his colleague Jesse Watters’ point that the president did nothing wrong and had every right to ask about corruption in Ukraine and Joe and Hunter Biden. […]