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Charles Barkley says Democrats 'only talk to black people every four years', adds Republicans don't at all

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- NBA player Charles Barkley indicated that he was tired of Democrats’ inaction, saying Dems only talked with black people when they wanted their votes. “They’ve been taking black people’s votes – and they only talk to black people every four years. All of these politicians only talk to black […]

Ocasio-Cortez promotes DC statehood, claims 'right to vote is denied'

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., called on Thursday for Washington, D.C. to receive statehood, indicating that residents didn’t have the “right to vote.” “DC was the 1st territory in the United States to free the enslaved. It’s where Black Americans fled the tyranny of slavery & towards greater freedom, […]

Sanders touts fundraising milestone, hitting 1 million individual donors

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- Sen. Bernie Sanders is spotlighting that his presidential campaign has received contributions from one million individual donors. The independent senator from Vermont’s campaign – in announcing the news on Thursday – touted that Sanders was the fastest presidential candidate in history to reach that fundraising milestone – as well as the […]

Jesse Watters: Biden's 2020 chances finished; Warren set to win nomination

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., will be the Democratic nominee, Jesse Watters predicted Thursday on “The Five.” The group said Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden is spiraling down, and it’s Warren who is picking up steam. Watters said,: “She does have positives … strident … forceful.” He said he can’t […]

Authorities urge women who may be linked to fetal remains found at abortion doctor's home to come forward

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- Authorities are urging women who may have had an abortion performed on them by an Indiana doctor who kept more than 2,000 fetal remains at his Illinois home to come forward if they feel that they could have a link to the remains. Will County Sherrif Mike Kelley said Thursday that the 2,246 fetal […]

Buttigieg knocks Warren for dodging questions about middle-class tax hikes for 'Medicare-for-all'

Digital Resource World News – Urandir News- South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg went after Democratic rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren over what he described as her “evasive” response to questions on whether the middle class will be hit with a tax hike to fund her “Medicare-for-all” plan. As part of his own proposal, Buttigieg vowed that taxes wouldn’t increase […]