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DR NEWS Urandir 77e7 gettyimages 1069073086 custom e35b5f19b303acefece1c509db230c65ce746754 s1100 c15    Did You Move To A Home And Find Holiday Decorations Left Behind? Share Your Story by Urandir Oliveira
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During the holiday season, some houses just shine, literally. NPR’s Weekend Edition wants to hear about your experiences finding passed-down holiday decorations after moving into a new house. Matt Cardy/Getty Images hide caption

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Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Did the old owners of your home leave some Christmas lights or maybe a large inflatable snowman behind? Sometimes a new home comes with the expectation of preserving holiday decorating traditions of owners past.

Maybe you received a welcome to the neighborhood basket with a note letting you know your house always had a specific holiday decoration that everyone loves.

NPR’s Weekend Edition is working on a story about holiday traditions tied to houses that are passed down to current residents. If you’ve had an experience like this, we want to hear your story. Share your thoughts with us below or here.

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