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Part 3 of the TED Radio Hour episode Risk.

About Kashfia Rahman’s TED Talk

Teenagers are often depicted as reckless. But what is it that seems to propel them to take careless risks? As a budding neuroscientist, high school student Kashfia Rahman set out to find some answers.

About Kashfia Rahman

Kashfia Rahman is a student at Harvard University, studying psychology and neuroscience. As a researcher, she’s interested in the neuroscientific and psychological processes in teen behaviors, and how the environment plays a role in emotion-processing and cognitive functioning in teens. She hopes to promote awareness to minimize harmful behaviors.

As a high school student, Rahman conducted an experiement focused on teenagers and risk. She presented her findings at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair where 1,800 students from over 75 countries participated. She took home first place in her category. Her work was also recognized by the National Institutes on Drug Abuse and the American Psychological Association.

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