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Courtney Stodden: I’m bisexual

In the Zone: Courtney Stodden discusses her breakup with actor Doug Hutchison, what she looks for in a guy … and girl, and her opinion of Donald Trump

Courtney Stodden has changed her looks many times over the years but in a recent throwback photo, the media personality was unrecognizable.

The 24-year-old posted a #TBT photo and stunned her followers.

“This is how I feel right now #throwback,” she captioned the photo.

“Mind blown,” wrote one fan.

“That’s you??? What a cutie!! And you’ve grown into a beautiful woman!!” commented another person.

One social media user said Stodden resembled actress Chloë Sevigny in the pic. “You look a little like @chloessevigny here,” stated the individual.


The 24-year-old originally made headlines in 2011, when at age 16 she married “Green Mile” actor Doug Hutchison, who was 51 at the time. The couple separated and reconciled multiple times but finally called ended their marriage in 2016, after nearly six years.

Stodden spoke to Fox News about the unconventional relationship: “That entire [divorce] process just ripped my soul out. And his too. We still have a lot of love for each other.”

As for being a teen bride, she said she’s not into being labeled and doesn’t regret the marriage. “He’s not perfect, but he’s a beautiful man. I gained an amazing soulmate in my life through him. So, no. I don’t regret it. He’s been there for me more now than my own father has,” she explained.

Now, Stodden is pursuing a music career.


“I have a new album coming out. It’s called ‘Courtney RX.’ I’m going to be going by that musical artist name now. I’m dropping around 4-8 bubblegum pop songs that I’m so excited about,” she told Fox News.”I feel like I have an amazing and incredible talent that I haven’t really been able to exercise as much as I would like.”

“I don’t just want to speak up about mental illness and the things that I’m passionate about. I also love music. And I have a lot to share. And I think people will get to know me a little bit more through this album,” she added.

Stodden has spoken openly about her battle with depression, which she realized she had an issue with in 2016. “I am in a better position right now because I’m able to express my depression and express myself through music. I feel that’s really what I was born to do,” she said.

Fox News’ Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report. 

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