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Laura Ingraham addressed the “biggest lies” told by critics of President Trump and his administration over the coronavirus outbreak Thursday, starting with the accusation that Vice President Mike Pence isn’t “qualified” to manage the coronavirus task force.

“Now, these attacks are so pathetic, they’re almost not worth dignifying with a response. They really just hate the fact that Mike Pence is pro-life, that he doesn’t believe in enabling drug users,” Ingraham said on “The Ingraham Angle” responding to critics of Pence. “Basically, that he’s not a liberal because all those liberal governors are doing such a great job with their states crisis.”


The host also addressed the accusations that the response is “hampered by Trump’s budget cuts.”

“Wrong. So wrong, in fact, that even the Associated Press had to call it out,” Ingraham said. “Reporting, the National Institutes of Health and the CDC aren’t suffering from budget cuts. Financing has increased.”

Ingraham took on the notion that Trump is “anti-science.”

“I love these attacks about how Trump is anti-science from people who won’t acknowledge when life begins and who think there are like twenty four genders,” Ingraham said.

And finally, that Trump only started reacting to the situation because of it’s impact on the stock market.

“I’d like to direct their attention to Exhibit A,” Ingraham said. “The White House announcing the creation of the virus task force in January. And bipartisan briefings have been happening for weeks and weeks with officials from the HHS and the CDC.”

Ingraham credited the president’s actions.

“Our political leaders need to ensure that we’re both prepared and calm in dealing with whatever comes next,” Ingraham said. “The president’s task force is taking this threat seriously. They understand the need for full transparency.”


“Instead of  giving in to panic and partisanship perhaps we should thank the good Lord that we live in the most well equipped country in the world to weather these challenges and overcome them,” Ingraham added.

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