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Coronavirus: Covid-19 diagnosed in 11-week-old baby

  • 15 April 2020
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Jodie Banister

Image caption

Baby Ares Banister tested positive for coronavirus Leicester Royal Infirmary on Tuesday

A mother has talked of the “fear and panic” she felt thinking her 11-week-old baby boy might die after he tested positive for Covid-19.

Ares Banister was diagnosed after being admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary on Monday with a high temperature.

His mother Jodie, from Leicester, said that before the positive test on Tuesday, Ares “seemed to have settled” after having a “bad day”.

The hospital said it could not comment on individual cases.

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Mrs Banister said the family has been “so careful” following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

“So, we just thought, no way on earth it’d be Covid,” she explained.

“Fear and panic. I just sat there and cried. It was horrendous. The first thing you automatically think it that he’s going to die. I was so scared.

“Because there’s no treatment for Covid they can only make him comfortable.”

Image copyright
Jodie Banister

Image caption

Jodie and Christian Banister with their three children before Ares was born

Mrs Banister, who has three other children, added: “Me and the kids haven’t left the house for weeks.

“My husband is a key worker, but when he comes home from work he leaves his clothes at the door and in a separate wash bag.

“We’ve been wiping door handles and surfaces. We’re in shock.

“Our entire world has just been tipped upside down.”

Image copyright
Jodie Banister

Image caption

Mrs Banister said Ares is showing signs of improvement

“I feel very emotional and tired. I’m constantly watching him to check he’s still breathing.”

Mrs Banister said people who flout lockdown rules were “selfish and should stay indoors”.

She called on them to “worry about people like my baby”.

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