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CNN host S.E. Cupp declared on Wednesday that President Trump “is the virus” and that his response to the coronavirus outbreak “confirms how toxic he is for the country.”

In an op-ed published in the New York Daily News, Cupp began by saying the “antics” from Trump over the past few weeks accelerate the urgency for the American people to get out of the “mess” that has been created during this presidency, listing his personal attacks on political adversaries, “kids in cages,” and his hostility towards the press as some of many reasons why the current president is unfit for office.

“As consumed as we were by the dizzying rollercoaster that was Trump’s presidency, all of that looks like kids’ stuff compared to the carnival ride from hell we are all on now,” Cupp wrote. “This administration was woefully and unforgivably unprepared for this pandemic, and this president has spent weeks dodging accountability for clear failures… time and resources that could have been better used to catch us up and control the outbreak.”


The political commentator accused Trump of using “this horrific health crisis to stoke more division to attack governors and the media, to boost his reelection campaign and to needlessly confuse the American public.”

“There is no excuse for turning a press briefing into a campaign rally, where Trump used an opportunity to inform the American people to instead play a bizarre video of mashup clips attacking his critics,” Cupp continued. “There is no excuse for Trump’s shadow war on experts at a time when we need them most. He has contradicted his own doctors and scientists publicly and privately, and sewn a public distrust in any authority but him. And there is no excuse for Trump’s brazen and unconstitutional power grab. Trump has tried to bully the states either into doing what he wants or praising his response, and his latest exercise in despotism … was a disaster.”


The CNN host went on to ask “why are we putting up” with the “utter lunacy,” insisting that the country has “grown complacent about Trump’s obvious incompetence and unmanageable mania, numbed by the inundation of idiocy over the past three years. But now it’s costing American lives, and we are all still in the crosshairs of his ineptitude.”

“Fortunately, there’s a mechanism to stop the insanity and excise the cancerous rot from atop our leadership in November. But I’m not sure that we can afford to wait that long,” Cupp concluded.

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